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Disability Prevention & Maternal-Child Health


FONHARE offers this prevention program to reduce the incidence of disability among children, youth and adults in Haiti. Currently, stroke, road accidents and cerebral palsy are the leading causes of disability in Haiti. Rehabilitation care is essential to address loss of functionality. However, they are not available nine years after the 2010 earthquake.

This prevention program focuses on the three major causes of disability in Haiti:

Serving 120,000+ Individuals  

1. Prevention of Cerebrovascular Accidents (stroke)

  • Awareness campaigns aimed at educating communities about the main causes of stroke in Haiti, namely, high blood pressure and type II diabetes. Orientation on a balanced diet with a reduction of salt and oil in the current Typical Haitian Food.

  • Stimulate physical activity among Haitian adolescents, young people and adults. Encourage Haitian women to abandon sedentarism for a much more active life.

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