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To provide the most efficient services of Rehabilitation for a comprehensive care of people with Physical disabilities and intellectual disabilities regardless their economic capacity. And to go forward with them into integration to be productive, to be for themselves, for their families and the society. The service is based on ethics, quality, innovation, suitable environment and updated personnel dedicated to service.


Our Work 

Rehab services & Community-based inclusive development.

Persons with disabilities ARE contributing members of society.

Universal Accessibility Program addresses exclusion, discrimination, and inequality of opportunities.

Economic dependency is the main obstacle to the development of vulnerable groups.

Legal orientation and psycho-social assistance advocate against violence to women, children, and people with disabilities.

Prevention and rehabilitation are essential for the leading causes of disability in Haiti: stroke, road accidents and cerebral palsy.

Committed to the Cause


Dr. Ivens Louius

President & Founder


Gary Benjamin



Rigens Louius



Antoine Bellamour

Vice President

"Many hands make the load lighter" 

     "Men anpil chay pa lou" (Haitian proverb)

Your help to FONHARE means equity and justice for the most impoverished children, youth, woman and elderly so they can improve their quality of life and become contributions to society. 

- Dr. Ivens Louius, Founder and Director of FONHARE

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” —African Proverb

Contact Us 

Cité Tibo, Ouanaminthe, Haiti (W.I) Ouanaminthe Haiti HT2210

US Address: c/o Cindy Cochran, PT

2441 Main St.

Torrington, WY  82240

(509) 3228-1776

(456) 789-1234

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