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FONHARE is a grassroots Haitian non-profit organization, recognized by the Haitian government and with 501c3 status in the U.S., dedicated to providing integrated  physical and cognitive rehabilitation services to children and adults with disabilities in Haiti, regardless of their ability to pay.  We are especially devoted to those who have a poor quality of life and limited resources.  FONHARE is the only organization providing rehab services in the Northeast of Haiti, covering 13 cities with an estimated population of 500,000 citizens.  Our goal is to be the leading institution with national coverage of comprehensive rehabilitation services throughout Haiti and beyond!

Who Are We?

Our staff is made up of Haitian therapists and support staff.  Ivens Louius is the Founder and Director of FONHARE and he holds a degree in both physical therapy and occupational therapy.  His wife, Leslie Solage Louius, is also a physical therapist and together with their support staff operate our clinic in Ouanaminthe and oversee our many outreach programs.
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Rehabilitation Clinic

The Rehab Program at FONHARE is set up for the provision of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in a clinic setting as well as Early Child Stimulation services.  FONHARE also arranges home visits to treat patients who are not able to leave their home in order to come to the clinic, and completes home assessments for accessibility (see Independent Living Program) 

Our Independent Living Program focuses on creating a living and working space that allows an individual to be as independent as possible by modifying his/her home environment however is needed, assisting with financial and instructional support to adapt their structure, and forming community organizations that will provide assistance and support, as well as promote integration in the community
FONHARE operates a Community Access Program that addresses exclusion, discrimination, and inequality of opportunities for all citizens.  We work with local businesses, government, and religious leaders to eliminate barriers by building ramps, and making public areas accessible.  As a result of FONHARE's initiatives, there are now ramps to the City Park, , hospital, Court House, and many schools and churches

Independent Living Program

Community Access Program

Gender Violence and Child Protection Education Program

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School Integration Program

FONHARE has established a School Integration Program that serves to break down barriers by integrating students with disabilities into the educational system and advocating for them by creating an environment of mutual respect and acceptance.  The focus is two-fold: work with educators and families to accept the students into their schools, and make the educational setting accessible by modifying the school as needed.
The Gender Violence Program is an ongoing program in FONHARE with opportunities scheduled throughout the year to interact with the public on matters of this concern.  We advocate against violence to women, children, and people with disabilities in general.  To do so, we conduct seminars with this targeted population, discussing their rights and where they can find help if they are victims.  We provide legal orientation and psycho-social assistance to them.
FONHARE has established a sponsorship program to help the most impoverished or orphaned children receive comprehensive therapy services.  Sponsorship helps cover the expenses of treatment for these children and allows them to develop and flourish in the community and in their lives.  Sponsors are informed when their child has received all necessary services and can either end support or sponsor another child.  All sponsorships are tax deductible.


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